Born in Germany, raised in New Zealand, and now living in Australia, Fanfickk is a worldly one-woman-band, creating both irreverent pop songs and self-described emo ambient music. Her sound has been characterised as “mutant pop” and “upbeat melancholy”.

After writing and producing her first song, “Shreds”, Fanfickk made the mistake of bragging to someone that she was working on an EP when she wasn’t. This white lie was the catalyst for the EP “Stay Shy”, released in 2016. Multiple collaborations, singles, remixes, and another self-released EP followed, with many songs gaining radio play, indie chart placements, and Spotify editorial playlisting.

Despite modest success, Fanfickk still records and produces her music in the same way as she did at the start: at home, sometimes in a closet or covered by a blanket, and always under the watchful eye of a very disapproving cat.

This beautiful limited edition 7″ could be yours! It has “Cotton Candy” on one side, and “Pity Party” on the other. Artwork by Kim Hu. Buy it on Bandcamp.

I have 100+ tabs open, some since 2019. Many are things that I wanted to buy and then got cold feet about. I’ve decided to do a clear out of tabs by buying everything 😵‍💫

Here is a thread of cats destroying our stuff throughout history, because they’ve always done it and they always will and for some reason we will keep loving them for it.

Two Young Women Wrapped in Yukata After a Bath. Kitagawa Utamaro, ca. 1796.


The Incubus “wish you were here” music video has the most depressing comments on YouTube. Try to come out of there without crying challenge

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