Former ex-idealist Fanfickk is a human with a pulse. She was born in Germany, raised in New Zealand, and now lives in Melbourne, Australia. World famous in her own house, she writes, sings, and produces in her bedroom closet under the watchful eye of Dumpling the cat (who dislikes music in general).

Fanfickk’s very first songwriting attempt Shreds (2016) was described by music blog The Revue as “a shimmering electropop track that has a touch of Grimes, a dash of Goldfrapp, a sprinkle of Zola Jesus, and a whole lot of Kiwi spirit”. From there, her sound has evolved in different directions—sometimes sugary electropop, like in Cotton Candy (2018), and other times sludgy punk, like in Pity Party (2019).

Pigeonholing Fanfickk into just one genre is not possible.


  • Cotton Candy getting playlisted on Spotify New Music Friday in Germany and Switzerland
  • Cotton Candy almost entering the official NZ charts (so close)
  • Solitude, a collaboration with Hybrid Rose, spending 3 weeks at #1 on the New Zealand SRN charts, then one extra week in the top 5
  • Solitude reaching number 14 on the iTunes alt charts in Norway (no idea how this happened)


  • Crippling depression (see: Pity Party)
  • Major label interest and then rejection
  • Rejection from hundreds of music blogs and radio stations
  • Talking to marketing people