Fanfickk releases upbeat lockdown lament featuring South Korean rapper

  • Fanfickk – Everything’s On Fire (feat. Wellie)
  • Release date 19 March, 2021

What do you get when you cross a German-born, Melbourne-based Kiwi songstress and a South Korean rapper in the middle of a global pandemic? Fanfickk’s latest indie pop offering, the anxiety-anthem Everything’s On Fire.

Written during Melbourne’s 112-day lockdown, Everything’s On Fire is a bopping synth-heavy earworm that will make you want to dance while hiding under your duvet in despair.

“Lyrically it’s an ode to what a clusterf*ck we’re living through – a pandemic, bush fires, riots and the omnipresent threat of climate change. It feels like we’re watching the world end in real time. But now I’ve made a song you can dance to while crying”, says Fanfickk. 

Everything’s On Fire features Korean rapper 웰리 (or Wellie, if you’re not in possession of a Korean keyboard). The two artists teamed up after Fanfickk stumbled upon Wellie’s tracks on Soundcloud and was enamoured with her rapping style.

Not only was it the first time Fanfickk had welcomed a featured artist, but because neither spoke the other’s language, they had to rely on online translation tools to communicate what they wanted to achieve with the track.

“A lot of our correspondence involved emoji. The words were easy enough to translate but not always the tone – we were constantly reassuring each other with ❤️ and 😊”, says Fanfickk, adding that despite the language barrier things went suspiciously smoothly.

Fanfickk wrote, produced and recorded her part of the track during lockdown, adding Wellie’s contribution and producing the final mix months later.

The sweetness of Wellie’s rhythmical rapping pairs perfectly with Fanfickk’s bright staccato singing on the track, which also features bouncy synth bass, anxiety-invoking electronic beeps throughout, and a bpm of 140 – similar to your heart rate during a panic attack.

As well as bringing another fresh element to Fanfickk’s gloomily gleeful music, Wellie’s appearance on Everything’s On Fire means the single will be released on Korean streaming platforms as well as the usual suspects like Spotify and Bandcamp.

“Given my complete lack of fluency in the language, I’m only giving Korean interviews to 100 percent emoji-based media”, 💬 Fanfickk. “Actually, given how much I hate talking about the music I make, I may adopt this policy across the board”.

Fanfickk’s Everythings On Fire featuring Wellie is available March 19th via Spotify, iTunes, and other underpaying streaming services. On Bandcamp, and in Korea, it comes with an instrumental for your noraebang needs. The single’s artwork was illustrated by Polluxery. Please note: inflating a life preserve is unlikely to save any of us from the impending inferno humanity has brought upon itself.

Fanfickk by Fanfickk, the only photographer available in lockdown

Fanfickk Artist Bio

Fanfickk has been making music under blankets and in bedroom closets since 2015. She has two EPs under her belt, Stay Shy (2016) and Skull Pocket (2019), as well as multiple singles and collaborations.

Does Fanfickk consider herself more of a producer, or a singer? “I hate singing, but I’m not that good at producing either. I guess that makes me an artist”, she says while sipping on the most pretentious drink imaginable (if you republish this content, use whatever drink feels right).

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