(Originally aired on Radio New Zealand – Dec 14, 2019.)


Fanfickk: Hey, this is Martina, also known as Fanfickk.

RNZ: Hey Martina, so… maybe you can start by telling me how long you’ve been making music as Fanfickk.

Fanfickk: Since… 2015- no, ’14? About 5 years.

RNZ: Do you primarily make it from home?

Fanfickk: I only make it from home.

RNZ: What sort of genre would you put yourself in?

Fanfickk: I really don’t know… like, at first I thought I was making power pop, but I am told that’s not what I’m making. [laughs]

RNZ: Who told you that?

Fanfickk: Well, you know, just friends, I was like “hey, look, this sounds like Roxette!”, and they were like “it really doesn’t”. [laughs]

RNZ: [laughs] But is that the sort of genre that you aspire to?

Fanfickk: Yeah, I’d love to make big pop songs, but I think I’m not good enough as a producer to pull it off.

RNZ: Do you think you’re getting better?

Fanfickk: Umm… I don’t. [laughs]

RNZ: [laughs] Oh my god, come on.

Fanfickk: [laughs] No… I don’t, actually. Like, some of my newer songs are lazier production-wise than some of the stuff I was doing before.

RNZ: When did you first get into making music?

Fanfickk: I first started playing music when I was about 16. I think for a while, I thought of myself as a bass player, and I was kind of waiting around for people to just notice me and put me in their band, even though nobody knew that I existed [laughs], and then after a while, I just started making my own stuff for fun.

RNZ: Mhmm.

Fanfickk: Yeah, and originally I hired a singer because I thought I was just going to be the producer. But yeah, I hired a singer and they just didn’t do what I wanted, so I had to cut them and sing it myself. And since then I just sing it myself. [laughs]

RNZ: So I guess I could ask why the EP is called “Skull Pocket”.

Fanfickk: It’s kind of a joke…

RNZ: I feel like that’s the case with a lot of your stuff, there’s like a joke or an element of humour.

Fanfickk: [laughs] Right? So, I was just telling one of my friends, I can’t remember what it was, but something about where I keep my trash, and it’s like “in my skull pocket”, but I meant that’s my head, my brain, so it’s basically that.

RNZ: [laughs] So this EP is like looking inside your head a little bit.

Fanfickk: Yeah, that’s why it scares me. [laughs]

RNZ: Let’s talk about the song “Pure” specifically. Maybe tell me how you got started on this track musically.

Fanfickk: The first thing that I had was the sleazy bassline.

RNZ: [laughs] Yeah.

Fanfickk: Which I think just loops through the entire song, so that’s typical, because I work with loops.

RNZ: Was it intentionally…. were you trying to create a sleazy sound?

Fanfickk: No.

RNZ: It just came out that way?

Fanfickk: Yeah, so I just mess with stuff until I find something that I like, and I was like, “this is great, it’s creepy”. [laughs] And then I saw a video where someone was explaining a photo shoot, and that they wanted to look “pure”, and I thought that was kind of… interesting. So it went from there.